The BÜFA tinting system at 6 BÜFA locations in Europe

Tinted gelcoats can be supplied quickly and reliably throughout Europe

When manufacturing GRP components, there are always applications for which only smaller, clearly defined quantities of gelcoats are required in special colour shades.
This need to be able to purchase these products at marketable prices in a good, consistent quality and without long delivery periods is the challenge faced by lots of manufacturers of composite products.
BÜFA Composite Systems has a solution to this task too. At our locations in Europe, we use sophisticated tinting technology which offers maximum flexibility when colouring gelcoats. This also ensures a high level of colour accuracy and colour consistency.
Manual and spray versions of base gelcoats are also available in a natural shade and in white: Most BÜFA®-Gelcoats can be coloured in this way or can also be modified as BÜFA®-Topcoats. The pigmentation process offers almost unlimited possibilities. The system database includes several thousand formulated BÜFA®-Gelcoats and BÜFA®-Pigment Pastes.
The pigments that are used have been selected very carefully. They are convincing in terms of their colour fastness, coverage, thermal stability and their minimal effect on the curing properties of the final system.
Hundreds of BÜFA customers are already using these high-tech solutions provided by the BÜFA-Tinting System, particularly in the leisure, marine and automotive industries. For example, the applications range from manufacturing toys and kayaks to decorative strips in special colour shades for boat hulls.
“Our customers appreciate the system. The quantities of gelcoat which are required can be ordered easily in the desired colourings and delivered at short notice. These are real competitive advantages that enable our customers to process small quantities quickly and cost-effectively,” sums up Matthias Bode, Marketing and Sales Director at BÜFA Composite Systems.
BÜFA manufactures its products locally at the BÜFA distribution locations in England, Spain, Poland, Estonia, Benelux and at its headquarters in Germany. Furthermore, our distribution partners have plants in Italy, Portugal and Russia. Direct communication and on-site manufacturing is an important building block that makes our short delivery times possible.

An overview of the advantages of the BÜFA tinting system:

Flexibility: A wide product range is available to you in standard containers (25 l). This means that you have the opportunity to purchase small quantities for low requirement levels.
Speed: You can get hold of the tinted BÜFA®-Gelcoats and BÜFA®-Topcoats quickly: the process only takes a few days from order receipt and local manufacturing to delivery.
Cost-effective: Well, it’s your turn now… take a look at your requirements to see how cost-effectively and quickly the quantities you need can be delivered.